I was going to cook by myself tonight too, but my mom will join me tonight :) She will teach me how to make saba no nitsuke yay!

Today, I won’t talk about cooking but my favorite BEAUTIFUL flowers ♡

Do you know 月下美人 (gekka bijin)? It’s called Queen of the Night in English.

It’s originally from Mexico. It blooms in the moonlight. Because it’s very beautiful and known as a rare species of flower in Japan, there are some people who really like growing this flower. My parents have been growing this flower for more than 15 years I guess. Isn’t this flower beautiful?? :)

Gekka bijin usually has white petals, but my parents have pink ones too. I don’t know how they got pink ones, but pink gekka bijin is also beautiful. It’s still 5pm in Japan, so the gekka bijin at my home haven’t bloomed yet and I can’t take pictures of them now. Maybe tonight I will take pictures.

I took photos of other flowers and plants at my home, so I’ll upload them here.

The yellow cute flowers came from Texas. When I went to Texas last year, I bought the seeds and sent them to my mom. She planted the seeds last summer, and the flowers bloomed this year :)

I wanna make a big garden at my home in the future :D

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